Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Our Immigration Process

Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Our Immigration Process

Streamlined Evaluation and Application Process

  • Wealth of migration and investment opportunities
  • Trustworthy representation
  • Personalized service
  • Reliable business partners
  • Authorized immigration representatives
  • Attractive fees
  • Alternative options for clients and their families

VARIOUS Ways to Help Our Clients

  • Review and analyze your entire case including relevant documents
  • Answer your questions and discuss your case during an online consultation
  • Provide you with a written analysis of your current eligibility for any/some immigration program/s
  • Advise you how to improve your score in order to qualify / what next step to take
  • Assist you throughout the process of collecting all supporting documents
  • Legally represent you before Canadian government agencies and third party private businesses
  • Keep you updated on your file throughout the process

Reasonable Response Time

We will answer your e-mail within 48 business hours (weekend excluded)

  • Regular Service: 5 business days
  • Express Service: 48-72 business hours: regular fees + 50 %
  • Premium Service: Same day up to 24 business hours: regular fees + 100%

*Please note sometimes time difference may affect our services. We do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs.

NOTE: The written analysis gives you the counsel’s opinion on your case according to your history. The consultation will provide you with legal advice for your future steps.

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